Birch Sap Original

Birch sap is a bioactive fluid that provides
cells with organic acids. Traditionally birch
sap has been used to ease spring fatigue
and prevent vitamin deficiencies and for joint
and rheumatic disorders. The minerals and
active substances contained in birch bark
accelerate metabolism and eliminate the
body’s waste products. Birch sap is also
used like a regimen as a cleansing health

In addition to as a thirst quencher, birch sap
is excellent as a recovery drink for athletes.
Birch sap is also used in making mead and
beer. It is well suited as a liquid in baking. It
is worth noting that birch sap is also suitable
for diabetics due to the low fructose and
glucose content.

Today birch sap is also used externally for
skin care as a moisturizer and for slowing
down the aging of cells and to protect them
from oxidation.

  • The Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • Kehittyvä Elintarvike & Elintarviketieteiden Seura ry
Birch Sap 0,35 l.
Ingredients: 100 %birch sap. Genuine pure product of nature.

Substances contained in the sap: Fructose and glucose, amino acids, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sodium and iron.

Preservation: Unopened at room temperature for about 1 year. After opening inrefrigerator (under + 8 C) 3-5 days

Pasteurized, Preservative (E 202)

Nutritional information per 100 ml


10 kJ/2,39 kcal

  • of which saturated

< 0,1 g

0 g

  • of which sugars

0,7 g

0,6 g


< 0,1 g

Salt 0,5 mg